Convicted terrorist Rusesabagina’s FLN celebrates 6 years of absolute failure

Remnants of terrorist Rusesabagina’s terror outfit, National Liberation Front (FLN) have blatantly taken to social media to mark “the 6th anniversary” of the terror group’s existence, which observers see as an “anniversary of total failure”.

The terror group was formed on May 31st, 2016, by Rwandan fugitives led by the now-convicted terrorist Paul Rusesabagina, Callixte Nsabimana “Sankara” and Faustin Twagiramungu “Rukokoma” among other pioneers of the so-called “MRCD-Ubumwe coalition Parties”.

FLN is the coalition’s military wing, and almost all its top leaders from the founding leader and sponsor Rusesabagina, mouthpiece “Sankara” and Herman Nsengimana as well as dozens of fighters have recently been sentenced to various prison terms.

In the speech of the collation’s “president” Francine Umubyeyi, which was aired on FLN’s misinformation YouTube channel dubbed “RTV Ubwiyunge Radio&Television”, she mumbled that she was overjoyed with the fact that FLN terrorists are on the struggle to “liberate the people of Rwanda.”

FLN is, however, infamously known for having waged a war on Rwanda that claimed the lives of nine unarmed civilians let alone maiming hundreds of other victims. That’s while terrorist outfit’s bigwigs led by terrorist Rusesabagina admitted responsibilities and sought forgiveness from those affected by the terror attacks.

Umubyeyi went on to echo Rusesabagina’s incitement words by begging Rwandans to “financially support FLN so that it speeds up the struggle”, however the funds will be chewed since the FLN is no more!

FLN on the other hand has been neutralized both militarily and diplomatically and those who are celebrating its so-called sixth anniversary will end up facing justice too, no one will ever succeed at destabilizing Rwanda.

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