More proof emerges about the Congolese army’s alliance with FDLR

The alliance between the DR Congo army (FARDC) and FDLR – the notorious anti-Rwanda group born of ex-FAR and Interahamwe genocidaires, is increasingly getting exposed despite futile efforts by Congolese authorities to bury the truth.

For instance, FDLR itself lately acknowledged that it is currently fighting alongside FARDC “to get rid of the Kagame dictatorship” in the ongoing Congolese civil war pitting FARDC-FDLR and M23 rebel group in which the Congolese authorities are dragging Rwanda into their internal matters.

This time around, a section of FARDC soldiers whom M23 captured early this week on the battlefield revealed that “there are more than 200 fighters of FDLR that are on the frontline supporting us (FARDC)” something that indeed quashed doubts about the FARDC-FDLR alliance.

That is in addition to FDLR’s “Maj.” Innocent Nsanzimana a.k.a Major Yefuta, one of the outfit’s senior combatant was gunned down on Monday while fighting for the Congolese army in Jomba, Rutshuru territory.

The damning revelations about the FARDC-FDLR alliance are overwhelming coming in at the time when the Congolese army has started releasing fighters of the FDLR fighters that had been incarcerated in various prisons across the country.

The exercise is part of the “Pinga agreement” that the two parties recently reached in Rutshuru territory in an attempt “to fast-track” the ongoing war against M23 rebels with FDLR terrorists fighting for the Congolese army.

FDLR is majorly comprised of remnant masterminds of the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi who at different times plotted hit-and-run attacks on the Rwandan soil and were repelled back.

It is high time the Congolese authorities part ways with those ruthless criminals by bringing them to book or deporting them to Rwanda for trial. Propping up the culprits won’t help anything!

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