CHOGM 2022: Ingabire and her cabal have been chasing rainbows

As the 2022 Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting’s preparations are in full gear, the convicted genocide denier Ingabire Victoire Umuhoza and her partner in crime Bernard Ntaganda issued an insubstantial press release that spins the Rwandan Government measures taken to ensure an incident free high level summit.

Ingabire and her cabal have been chasing rainbows, I tell you why.

When Rwanda put in place Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Events (MICE) tourism strategy as one of the drivers of Rwanda economic growth, Ingabire was behind bars for her genocide denialism crimes. Even after the rogue woman was granted a presidential clemency, she didn’t take the time to learn and catch up with the country’s policies driving its quest to development.

The unrepentant criminal Ingabire could not hide her true colours. As someone who led a terrorist militia-FDU-Inkingi, she was nostalgic about her cabal of radical ideologues and their mission to subvert Rwanda and taint her globally. However, she has failed multiple times and she keeps repeating the same things hoping for different results, a true definition of a stupidity.

Ingabire and her crew won’t tell their audience that MICE tourism strategy has thrived, earned the country millions of dollars, its success has led the country to hosting a mega global summit like CHOGM.

Ingabire and her cabal who are green with envy, chose to be blind to the Rwandan realities and they are still pushing more fruitless vendetta against the Rwandan government.

What can we do for them? Are we responsible of these prodigal sons and daughters? Anyways, nobody cares since it’s the choice they made by themselves.


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