DRC rulers need to disrupt the generational kleptocracy plundering their country

Since the resurgence of M23, the failed Tshisekedi regime attempted to implicate Rwanda in their natural resource curse. The regime has been falsely accusing Rwanda of waging a so-called economic war through exploition its vast mineral wealth.

“Rwanda has illicit vested economic interests in the DRC,” Tshisekedi told the Financial Times. A little bit earlier, Tshisekedi had made a statement to British Premier Boris Johnson where he highlighted “Rwanda seeks to occupy our lands rich in gold, Coltan and cobalt, for their own exploitation and profit.”

This pure hogwash made by Tshisekedi, and his authorities is also supported by some flawed reports that intends to demonize Rwanda. One of the reports concocted that the 100% of coltan, tin and tungsten exported by Rwanda, 90% was clandestinely mined in DRC. This was simply a way to delude the Congolese people forgetting that Rwanda has got its own minerals and processing plants.

By peddling this lousy propaganda on Rwanda, Tshisekedi and his failed henchmen who failed to deliver since assuming the offices, want to conceal how the regime failed to disrupt the kleptocracy of a group of self-enriching people that keep plundering the country.

DRC and its authorities should learn that nothing will prevail if they keep externalize their internal matters. Rwanda can’t always be a scapegoat of a generational problem of reckless leaders swallowed by their urge to steal and who don’t serve their own people.

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