The usual gaggle of anti-Rwanda elements got caught up in their usual web of lies, after they duped a disappearance of Agnes Nkusi Uwimana. Their lies quickly fell apart after the woman was found at her home, unscathed.

Faking disappearance to smear Rwanda, has become endemic among the anti-Rwanda camp. Early this year, a certain Gilbert Shyaka whose disappearance inundated social media with more allegations that Rwanda government kidnapped him, resurfaced at his home with a different narrative.

Another similar case is Cassien Ntamuhanga who escaped the prison and fled to Mozambique, Ntamuhanga had been recruited by terrorist Kayumba Nyamwasa’s terror outfit, RNC. But these anti-Rwanda elements were pushing the kidnap and murder narratives.

Constantin Tuyishime, a TV1 Journalist is another example. The treacherous man fled to Uganda after putting himself in inescapable debts but lies were spread over social media platforms that he was kidnaped . The list of anti-Rwanda agents’ blatant lies is endless.

These showy campaigns have been peddled by informants of immoral human rights watchdogs with intention to do flawed reports that label Rwanda a hell on earth and human rights abuser.

But, every time the anti-Rwanda elements have tried to weaponize these watchdogs’ lies, their attempts have remained an exercise in futility.

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