Denis Mukwege, Nobel Peace Prize laureate, demeans regional efforts to quell DRC conflict, wants his allied terror outfits like FDLR to run the show

Dennis Mukwege, the two-faced Nobel Peace Prize Laureate has of late started showing his true colors, and in his latest and most shocking display, he has poured scorn on the slated deployment of regional forces in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo in a concerted regional effort to pacify the troubled region. It is weird that while the rest of the world is in strong support of regional efforts, Mukwege is in strong disagreement, referring to the deployment as “prolongation and aggravation of instability” of Eastern Congo.

However, those who know the true character and personality of Dennis Mukwege are not in the least surprised about his reaction. Those who know Mukwege’s activities and how he obtained his current status of fame are aware of the reasons why he would favor the presence of MONUSCO as opposed to the East African Force.

First and foremost, Mukwege thrives in the chaos going on in the Eastern Congo because without the chaos, Mukwege would still be an unknown village gynecologist in Panzi, Bukavu. Mukwege knows from long experience that MONUSCO is a benign military force whose presence has only perpetuated the chaotic situation that has enabled him to pounce into the limelight and even win the prestigious Nobel Prize.

Mukwege knows that the East African force would come in with a totally different rules of engagement with intent to annihilate all armed groups without discrimination, including the FDLR and other ruthless armed groups that have been killing, raping and pillaging Eastern Congo for decades.

.Without these groups, Mukwege’s relevance would diminish and he cannot imagine himself without the fame he is currently enjoying and the privileges that come with being a Nobel Peace Laureate. That is why Mukwege is ready to fight tooth and nail to maintain the status-quo in the war-torn Eastern Congo.

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