Mukwege is a disgrace to Peace Prize honor, he can’t have his cake and eat it too!

Denis Mukwege’s statement on tragedy that befell MONUSCO offices yesterday in Goma, once again revealed him as an egocentric fellow who wants to rebuke MONUSCO’s presence in DRC but at the same time keep its benefits.

Mukwege’s shifting of goal posts, seeking where he can be heard or where to put the blame in the ongoing self-inflicted Congolese issues, exposed him as the most dishonest and opportunistic character. A person who claim to love peace when in actual sense he is a garden variety apologist for terror evil.

To begin with, Mukwege stated that Congolese who stormed, ransacked and looted MONUSCO’s premises in Goma, had a good and understandable cause to do so, but added that they could have expressed their anger in a polite manner.

It is morally bankrupt for anyone, let alone Mukwege the so called Nobel Peace Prize winner, to in any way condone the violence of the mobs as the Congolese regime unleashed on Monusco. But of course Mukwege is a well-known apologist of the Tshisekedi regime.

The disgraced Nobel Peace Laureate went as far as implicitly accusing Rwanda of being behind those violent protests, adding the usual puerile claim – entirely made up in the minds of Congolese regime fat cats – that “DRC will never have peace having Rwanda as its neighbor.” The deranged Mukwege then insinuated that Rwanda should be removed from the map “for peace to prevail in Congo.” Really!

On the other hand, every development that comes from DRC explains and indicates clearly that Congolese issues are internal and political. From the concerns of M23 to yesterday’s attacks targeting UN personnel and property.

Let these craven liars try convincing the world that Rwanda has anything to do with the violent looters in Goma.


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