ALERT: Congolese Tutsis in danger as Tshisekedi adopts the genocide template of chasing UN peacekeepers out

Social media, news portals, as well as the international mainstream media are currently awash with graphic videos, audiovisuals, and photographs portraying Pro-Tshisekedi’s youthful mobs wreaking havoc on the premises of the UN peacekeeping forces in DRC (MONUSCO). They are trying to force Monusco to leave the country.

The coordinated attacks against the blue helmets are unfolding amidst a silent genocide targeting Kinyarwanda-speaking Congolese Tutsi nationals. The Tshisekedi regime incites against Congolese Tutsi citizens with accusations that they are “accomplices” to the M23 rebel movement. Such is the nature of genocide preparations (blanket accusations targeting entire groups because of their ethnicity).

The current situation in Congo resembles a hundred per cent the events that led to the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda. The perpetrators of that genocide (ex FAR and Interahamwe) are today the FDLR, now a terrorist group working hand in hand with Tshisekedi and his army FARDC.

DRC opted to give FDLR legitimacy, notwithstanding the history and the gravity of these terrorists’ crimes. The unrepentant criminals were integrated into the Congolese political landscape and security organs, and they are taking part in serious crimes perpetrated against Congolese Tutsis, or Rwandans living in DRC.

FDLR have introduced to the Tshisekedi regime a template (which they know so well!) of genocide. They are helping Tshisekedi to commit genocide in DRC. One of their key tactics was to try to chase out the then United Nations Mission in Rwanda, MINUAR, and killing its personnel – including the 10 Belgian soldiers, today the same thing is happening in DRC.

Now, by trying to force out MONUSCO and killing its soldiers, Tshisekedi is reading from the very same script as the ex FAR and Interahamwe.

Something that also shouldn’t go unnoticed is the way the International Community has opted to remain silent about the ongoing silent genocide in DRC, despite overwhelming evidence at their disposal. It is very dangerous that the Kinshasa regime is muzzling whoever talks about it, and in so doing, the international press is denied access to the places where the silent genocide is taking place.

For instance, the France-based newspaper, Libération, a fortnight ago defied the odds and brought to the attention of the International Community the untold story of the silent genocide against Kinyarwanda-speaking Tutsi citizens of Congo. Kinshasa opted to bully the writer and throw a smokescreen in a ploy to conceal its crimes and dodge its responsibility in the continued crimes against humanity.

But the truth is there, for anyone looking for it.

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