In a puerile propaganda RNC blog publishes a list of own members killed in DRC and blames it on Rwanda

In futile attempt to raise sympathy, RNC propaganda blog called OverBlog published a “list of people killed in Uganda” as part of terrorist militia’s mission to drive a wedge between Uganda and Rwanda even when it’s known that those terrorists were killed in DR Congo.

The list includes known members of the fugitive Kayumba Nyamwasa’s terror organization-RNC like Charles Sibomana and or Joel Mutabazi whose criminal records are very well known. For example While charles Sibo was gunned down in DRC by FARDC, his fellow terrorist Habib Mudathir was captured and later repatriated to Rwanda. He is serving his jail sentence together with Joel Mutabazi who was deported from Uganda after close collaborations between Rwanda and the Uganda security agencies.

Since its annihilation in DRC, the terror group has been in total disarray seeking where they can establish proper bases and reorganize themselves.

Truth is, both DRC and Uganda which used to harbor them have categorically stated that they are not welcome. Lt. General Muhoozi Kainerugaba, UPDF Commander of Land Forces himself made it clear that they are not wanted on Ugandan soil and should not try to sow division between Rwanda and Uganda.

From the look of things the names of alleged slain people were part of 200 RNC terrorists who were put out of action by the Congolese army- FARDC two years ago. Then, the terrorists convened, reorganized, trained and supported with an aim of launching attacks on Rwanda and depose the leadership. It ended bad on their side.

RNC and other terror groups like FDLR, have with impunity turned the Eastern DRC into their bases, with long-term plans to take armed conflicts back to Rwanda as they wreak terror on Congolese populations.

RNC as a terrorist group remains only in name with some of its leaders like terrorist Kayumba Nyamwasa hiding in South Africa, sometimes lying to his gullible followers that RNC is strong and will soon change leadership in Rwanda. In fact it is only in fantasy.

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