RNC mouthpiece Himbara lacks intellect to understand Rwanda’s policies and priorities

The Canada-based RNC paid motor-mouthed mouthpiece David Himbara has been having sleepless nights since the Rwandan government announced the inception of a new ministry- Ministry of Public Investments and Privatization.

In his deluded mind, the serial drug-addict Himbara confuses the new ministry and the existing Rwanda Development Board-RDB while two institutions have well-defined and explicit mandates and duties to discharge. In his inability to understand things, RDB should cease to exist.

The new ministry will establish policies that govern the public investments including the professional management and supervision of all government entities involved in businesses such as Rwanda Energy Group-REG, Water and Sanitation Corporation-WASAC, National Agricultural Export Development Board-NAEB among others. More so, the ministry will also be charged with the privatization of public business entities.

The lunatic heroin-sniffer Himbara should be reminded that President Kagame reshuffles leaders & merges ministries & institutions in accordance with the law and does so for the betterment of Rwandans’ lives. Furthermore, as the Head of State stated during the swearing-in ceremony of the new cabinet members “the enterprises must benefit all Rwandans.”

If Himbara really went to school and being an economist as he claims, he should easily digest how policies are crafted. Any policy made in Rwanda is based on objectives (and must lead to the attainment of the specified objectives), and facts, not guesswork or intuitions. Besides the policies are made in a way that they don’t benefit a certain group of individuals but the Rwandan citizens as a whole.

The National Strategic Transformation-NST1 development roadmap offers room for the inception of new government entities to accelerate the development toward the realization of the country’s vision 2035 and 2050.

Whatever the President did is constitutional, in his visionary leadership, he appoints youthful, skilled leaders with a wealth of experience to spearhead the country’s development journey in the vibrant and challenging economic circumstances faced by today’s world.

RDB was established to support the private sector with a mandate to ensure a conducive environment is created for doing business which also supports the parastatals to be vibrant and performing to their expectations.

The new ministry will be handling public sector parastatals whereas RDB remains in the management of the private sector docket.

The RNC terror outfit needs to straighten up its mentally deranged troll Himbara to build arguments that are more coherent. He should acquire the intellect to understand economic trends, policies and countries’ priorities.

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