Tshisekedi finally “confesses” to being enemy of his own country

Days after deploying mobs of rioters against the United Nations peacekeeping forces in DRC (MONUSCO), Congolese ruler Tshisekedi has, in his usual braggadocio, come out to throw a smokescreen. He claims that the violent protests were masterminded by the “enemies of Congo and manipulators”.

The Congolese ruler made the comment that was quick to boomerang on him while speaking exclusively to “L’Avenir”, a Belgian-based newspaper whose article was quoted by Radio Okapi, a MONUSCO’s news portal.

Tshisekedi shot himself in the foot by opening a Pandora’s Box since it is public knowledge that the irresponsible politician and his henchmen mainly from the ruling coalition-UDPS coordinated violent attacks by luring the youthful mobs into attacking the MONUSCO personnel and its premises. Their brutal riots claimed lives of four innocent blue helmets and dozens of Congolese citizens.

Tshisekedi’s pronouncement came a week after his regime mouthpiece, Patrick Muyaya, came up with yet another smear campaign against Rwanda, accusing the country of masterminding the protests, a concoction that died on arrival.

Any sober mind will clearly see that the Tshisekedi regime looks to force out MONUSCO to perpetrate a genocide against Tutsi Congolese and Rwandese and covering up his incompetence ahead of next year’s election.

However Tshisekedi should know that no amount of lies and diversions will alter the damning facts on his involvement in whatever mess happens in DRC including the latest violent mobs against the UN peacekeepers.

Tshisekedi ought to know that the world is watching as he openly commits serious crimes against the UN agency. Something has to be done urgently as far as accountability is concerned to avoid further bloodshed.

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