DRC: Call for urgent action as Tutsi witch-hunting campaign goes on unabated

Grief and sorrow have engulfed Kinyarwanda-speaking Tutsi communities from across DR Congo after FARDC/FDLR murdered in cold blood one of theirs, Captain Gadi Bulaya whose only crime was being Tutsi.

The deceased was a junior police officer who had been deployed in Ituri Province, his unfortunate demise is part of the ongoing gruesome incidents of violence that escalated into a silent genocide with the Tshisekedi regime witch-hunting Tutsi raced citizens whom they label as “enemies of Congo”.

All that is happening even after the Heads of State of Rwanda, DR Congo, and Angola met in Luanda recently and agreed on a roadmap that among other things included “strongly fighting hate speech and ethnic stereotyping in DRC”; nonetheless Tshisekedi is busy sabotaging every part of it as more people are killed with outright impunity.

For instance, a France-based newspaper, Libération, which recently toured various parts of DRC and listened to testimonies of the survivors points the fingers at the ruling political party of President Tshisekedi (UDPS), its cadres, and the military, as the perpetrators of the ongoing crimes against humanity.

Survivors made shocking revelations that include cannibalism, and setting ablaze Tutsi’s homes as the new strategy UDPS is advancing to speed up the silent genocide; that’s while the regime muzzles whoever dares to speak about the genocide.

As a member state of the UN, Kinshasa should adhere to the Genocide Convention. As stipulated in Article 2, these are “acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group is genocide.” Tshisekedi regime not only is in dereliction of this convention, but it is also actively and deliberately stoking the fires of genocide.

The International Community, especially the Hague-based International Criminal Court (ICC) ought to consider launching thorough investigations into the ongoing ethnic violence in DRC before many more lives are lost.

Justice delayed is justice denied.

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