Blinken’s visit to Rwanda makes “ibigarasha”, genocide fugitives build castles in Spain!

Overseas-based so-called “Rwandan opposition political parties” which are in fact mouthpieces for terrorist outfits, have come out of their den to hype their false hopes to the world. They are wildly excited ahead of the two-day visit to Rwanda of U.S secretary of State Antony Blinken. The Bigarasha have this strange childish hope that Blinken will “pressure” Rwanda.

They can get their foolish hopes back in the bag!

The “Ibigarasha”, crooks all of whom failed the demands of accountability demands back in Rwanda and escaped justice to form the RNC terrorist group, and genocidaires circles such as FDU-Inkingi, blacklisted FDLR terrorist group, and Jambo ASBL are the main yappers.

To see them wildly posting their fantasies, it is as if they think Blinken is their father.

They have stormed social media platforms with statements welcoming the U.S top diplomat to Rwanda, but we know what they are doing. They are throwing smokescreens in a ploy to conceal their crimes while advancing “political grounds” as the reason behind their living in foreign countries; a hoax that is only meant for naïve and gullible souls since the former have pending criminal cases they ought to answer.

To everyone’s surprise, the crooks went the extra mile to entertain themselves with a belief that Blinken will pressure Rwanda’s authorities into holding “dialogues” with them. But Rwanda made it clear long ago that it won’t ever consider negotiating with terrorists and people responsible for the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi as these criminals only deserve to be brought to book and answer for their crimes.

Blinken will be in Rwanda, on Rwandan terms. Not on the bidding of ibigarasha.

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