FDLR is a time bomb that Kinshasa welcomed, to subvert Rwanda

Regional peace mechanisms have never ceased to express the urgent need to root out the DRC-based blacklisted genocidal, terrorist group- FDLR and its splinter outfits. However, the DRC government has consistently disregarded regional leaders’ concerns as it resolutely remains committed (through its army-FARDC) to its unholy alliance with the genocidal group. Tshisekedi of course is intent on jeopardizing Rwanda’s territorial integrity.

Several high-level diplomatic gatherings including the very recent conclave of the EAC Heads of States and the Joint Permanent Commission on Rwanda and DRC convened, and all agreed on the fact that FDLR is threat to regional security, calling for concerted efforts from member states to dismantle it.

But to everyone’s surprise, Kinshasa has since invested heavily in sponsoring pressure groups and seemingly deranged social media “influencers” to push the strange narrative that “FDLR poses no threat, especially to Rwanda.” This is the same regime that conceals the crimes committed by FDLR against Congolese populations themselves.

Those running the malicious propaganda stunt echo lies, such as those of Congolese foreign Minister, Christophe Lutundula in June, that “FDLR no longer exists on Congolese soil since it was routed back in 2009.” Such lies by Tshisekedi and his henchmen aim to distract from real issues that led to rampant instability in their country.

FARDC’s (the Congolese military) alliance with the genocidal forces has only become more pronounced, especially during the ongoing Congolese civil war that pits FARDC- FDLR against the M23 movement. FARDC recently released FDLR senior terrorists that had been court-martialed for war crimes, rape and extrajudicial killings among other crimes against humanity.

It has also been established that FARDC-FDLR were working hand in hand to perpetrate several provocations including shelling into Rwanda or abducting two Rwandan soldiers who were patrolling along the border.

Rwanda’s quest to the DRC authorities has always been to arrest FDLR criminals, bring them to book or deport them to their native country for trial. DRC always plays deaf on the subject since FDLR serves the interests of the Congolese failed politicians.

However, the truth is, FDLR is Congo’s Pandora’s box, and until Congolese realize they are the genesis of their own curse with behaviour such as working with the FDLR, their country will never taste peace.

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