Genocide denier, fraudster Mugenzi cooks up more balderdash in form of a book

A genocide denier and convicted thief, Rene Claudel Mugenzi has released what he termed as “Pushed To Hunger- Starvation in shadow of stardom”, another hoax in the form of a book that the psychopath thinks will turn heads.

A fraudster Mugenzi known for his shenanigans has brought himself in the spotlight with a concoction of half-baked reports. The unscrupulous man, also a convicted robber, misled his small audience from the introduction to conclusion. Mugenzi falsified the book claiming it was a result of an investigation done in 2015 by his sham organization called “The Global Campaign for Rwandan Human Rights”.

Claudel Mugenzi, who is also a genocide denier and a son of a genocide fugitive wants to divert the public’s attention that has been demanding him answers for stealing money from St John the Baptist Cathedral that led him to jail.

In 2015, the lunatic genocide revisionist Mugenzi was not fit to conduct any research or investigation as he was busy nursing his mental illness where he attended more than 20 therapy sessions. It is in the same year that Mugenzi claims to have conducted an investigation about human rights abuses in Rwanda, that’s another lie.

The public still remember Mugenzi’s scandals. In the aftermath of his illness, Mugenzi got a voluntary job as a treasurer at St John the Baptist Cathedral, where he stole GBP220,000 (approximately Rwf280 million) to spend in his pathologic gambling. Subsequently, the Norwich Crown Court handed him a two-year sentence in prison, from where he resurrected in the society yet again selling falsehoods about Rwanda.

People shouldn’t allow this fraudster Mugenzi to take them for a ride. The unscrupulous opportunist wants to draw the public’s attention to get himself back in the limelight after spending two years in prison, however his ignoble deals wont sell.

Truth is, nobody is interested in reading Mugenzi’s crap, he will just be fine.

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