Wrath as unrepentant criminal Ingabire blatantly endorses FDLR criminality

Convicted genocide denier Ingabire Victoire Umuhoza (IVU) is caught in yet another criminal act, sympathizing publicly with the DRC-based blacklisted genocidal terrorist group- FDLR. One of the crimes saw the judiciary handing her 15 years in prison only to be released on presidential clemency in 2018.

Ingabire, who never ceases to prove that she never learned a thing from what took her to jail, has taken to social media to rub salt in the wounds of Rwandans with incendiary pronouncements that Rwanda “ought to hold talks with FDLR” “if peace and stability are to be restored in the Great Lakes Region.”

The rogue woman was a host to ‘Imbarutso ya Demokarasi’, one of the multiple hostile YouTube Channels she sponsors to push her dirty propaganda in her pathetic pursuit to earn an accolade of “a legitimate opposition figure”, despite her tainted criminal record.

Ingabire’s pronouncement should serve as a wake-up call to law enforcers as it should not go unnoticed as far as accountability is concerned.

It should be remembered that forming and supporting armed groups with the intent to destabilize Rwanda were among other crimes that Ingabire was found guilty of. She was particularly working closely with the FDLR, as the prosecution revealed.

History won’t forget that in September 2018, Ingabire benefited from presidential clemency and got released from prison, only to start abusing that clemency. She wrote to the President many times begging for clemency and committing to change, something she never did.

It is high time for the concerned institutions to consider putting this revisionist criminal’s evil deeds under fresh investigations to ascertain whether her parole should be revoked or not. And by the look of things, she should be thrown back into prison to serve her remaining sentence.

Ingabire is no different from other Rwandan citizens. She must be held to account for the crimes she repeatedly commits. Justice delayed is justice denied!

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