Propping up FDLR won’t help solve Congolese authorities’ damning failures

The Tshisekedi regime is increasingly supporting and propping FDLR despite incessant recommendations to rout the devils for the betterment of the great lakes region.

The alliance between Tshisekedi and FDLR towards harming Rwanda’s security is something that the international community knows better. Even the U.S secretary of state, Antony Blinken, who recently visited DRC and Rwanda, strongly condemned it and urged Tshisekedi to phase out the existing collaboration with the FDLR.

The United Nations Group of Experts also shed significant light on the evil alliance between Kinshasa and FDLR in a report it published in mid-June this year.

The report highlighted that Kinshasa guaranteed the FDLR full control of Virunga National Park bordering Rwanda. Additionally, the genocidal and terrorist group is currently using the park to re-organize itself by mainly doing mass recruitment across the eastern part of the country.

The report also brings to light that FDLR controls all businesses and operations within the park on the DRC side. All these revelations are clear indications that President Tshisekedi, the man who also doubles as FARDC Commander-In-Chief, supports the FDLR, yet he should be fighting and disarming it.

On the other hand, the Congolese regime has decided to downplay Rwanda’s quest to arrest FDLR criminals, bring them to book, or deport them to face trial for their role in the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi, as well as other crimes of terrorism that they committed in the time afterward.

It is high time for Tshisekedi to consider parting ways with FDLR since giving it a semblance of legitimacy will always boomerang on the peace and stability of his country and the region at large.

And indeed, the FDLR won’t help solve the socio-political issues that paralyzed the Congolese political landscape- something that Tshisekedi ought to grasp if peace and stability matter to him.

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