DR Congo’s leadership scapegoats Rwanda to dodge internal problems

DRC being a den of terror groups is the elephant in the room, which her leadership deliberately ignores but chooses to scapegoat Rwanda at any slightest occasion. Over 130 armed terrorist groups are killing Congolese every day, and new ones are founded and funded by Tshisekedi’s regime that does not want to admit that it is failing its people while it was supposed to resolve the problem that’s sinking DRC into abyss.

For instance, in Mai– Ndombe province, two Congolese communities; TEKE and YAKA are killing each other and 15 people have died as we speak. But the Congolese leadership has completely ignored that because they are consciously fueling it by inciting people to hate on each other and later on blame Rwanda as usual.

Of recent, yet another video made the rounds on social media, of which the Islamic State (Daesh) broke down Butembo prison to indoctrinate inmates to join ADF. This was done in the presence of FARDC which also implies the hand of DRC’s leadership in all sorts of violence. Tshisekedi’s leadership is the source of chaos, violence, and abuses towards the people of DRC, let alone the genocide against Kinyarwanda-speaking Congolese whose oppression is being overlooked by those who are in charge.

It has become a norm that DRC leadership jumps on blaming Rwanda with empty allegations. Yet, they are in bed with FDLR genocidal and terrorist forces despite denying every evidence exposing their full collaboration to destabilize the security in the great lakes region. Basically, DRC finds solace in incriminating and provoking Rwanda into their internal wrangles instead of owning up to their failures and fixing them.

DRC’s self-inflicted problems will and out when they take full responsibility, rather than posing as victims. By collectively finding solutions centered on prioritizing peace, security, and eradication of terror outfits on their soil.

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