Mukwege puppet’s puppet- Vava Tampa is on mission to push his paymaster’s tired fake narrative

Vava Tampa, a disciple of the unscrupulous Congolese medical doctor, Denis Mukwege, appeared in the Guardian begging the United States and United Kingdom to back the establishment of an International Criminal Tribunal for Democratic Republic of Congo-DRC. For those that know Denis Mukwege, this has been his narrative for over a decade now.

Mukwege who has dedicated his entire life to anti-Rwanda smears, he fantasizes that such a “tribunal” would target Rwanda. These Zairois derangement syndromes know no limits!

For instance during the recent visit of US Secretary of State Antony Blinken to DRC, Mukwege and his allies burnt the midnight oil concocting allegations (with support of renowned corrupt and unethical US lobbyist Senator Menendez) in hopes of getting Rwanda sanctioned. Their evil plot hit a dead end however. Because it’s based only on lies.

Now, a relentless Mukwege has had to order his pawn, Vava Tampa to continuously push the fake, anti-Rwanda narrative intending in the Guardian. They tarnish Rwanda with stories of problems that in fact are the result of the Tshisekedi regime’s profound and endless failures. The question should be, why drag Rwanda into the irresponsibility of Tshisekedi and his regime that can’t sort rampant internal conflicts? The hired corrupt Tampa couldn’t even tell why DRC is home to over a hundred of armed rebel groups that their failed regime can’t deal with!

Worse still, Tampa couldn’t touch the DRC kleptocratic leaders who lead several rebels that occupy the vast natural resource base. But he got the gut to pin the whole crisis in DRC on the Rwandan President, just to earn his corrupt dime.

Conmen like Mukwege and his puppet Tampa will fail, to the very end.

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