“Ibigarasha” gnashing in despair as President resumes his citizen outreach programme

Overseas-based anti-Rwanda elements, infamously known as “Ibigarasha” are currently caught between a rock and a hard place as President Kagame today started in Ruhango District his upcountry tours meant to listen to citizens’ concerns and avail alternative remedies.

Dubbed “Citizen Outreach”, the presidential tours are line with accountability as one of the bold choices that the RPF-led government set as a priority after liberating the country and stopping the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi. Accountability drives the government towards ensuring that it delivers on the goals of transforming the country and better the lives of the people. Other choices include thinking big and unity.

“Ibigarasha” are self-exiled characters who have pending criminal cases here in Rwanda for which they are wanted for; that’s after they failed accountability demands of the system of governance and had to flee. They found refuge in various media platforms mainly social networks posing as “the opposition” under the RNC terrorist group.

Those wolves in sheep’s clothing have taken to social media platforms to libel the Head of the State ahead of his citizen outreach programme claiming that the government’s effort towards accountability is “irrelevant”. But these individulas can only be scoffed at, since the fellows would say nothing other than that as far as their respective criminalities are concerned, no one should spoil his precious time over Ibigarasha’s claptrap.

Indeed, President Kagame’s citizen outreach policy has truly demonstrated its value many times, Ever since the president’s regular visits and interactions with ordinary citizens in rural parts of the country provides him with a better understanding of the issues that may need his attention and intervention for the betterment of the country and its people.

Ibigarasha are just losers and their online noises should never distract anyone.

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