IVU’s “Inter-Rwandan dialogue” seeks to divide Rwandans, and its just a cry for attention

Unrepentant genocide denier Ingabire Victoire Umuhoza (IVU) seeks to contaminate the Rwandan society with genocide ideology. But Rwandan society, she seems ignorant of this, has moved on, and is long past the ideologies she inherited from the likes of Mbonyumutwa, Kayibanda, and other “pawa” divisionists and killers.

IVU will keep failing with her ill intentions, and will keep failing.

She was convicted for threatening public security and denying the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi. This fraud obviously can’t claim she cares about Rwandans. She only cares for power, which she dreams of attaining through the blood of innocent Banyarwanda. She is very deluded!

IVU’s claims that she is the people’s voice are so ridiculous. She is a convict out of prison only because of a presidential pardon. Let her never delude herself that the public has forgotten.

Her so-called “Inter-Rwandan” dialogue is designed to attract attention, and fashion her as a political and rights activists.

Nonetheless those who know her very well, are aware of these nefarious intensions, to drag the country back to its darkest days, a wish she shares with her mother, an exiled convicted genocidaire. She is deceiving herself.

Rwandans have every right to demand that IVU go back to Mageragere to finish her sentence. She has violated her pardon with her unrepentant criminality of demanding that government “seek dialogue” with terrorist groups.

IVU should bear in mind (once again!) that her despicable criminal record hasn’t been forgotten, and that Rwandans will never yield to divisive and deceitful politics again.

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