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Terrorist Rusesabagina’s FLN remnants et al. stripped naked as President’s citizen outreach program ends incident-free!

Remnants of convicted terrorist Rusesabagina’s FLN terror outfit led by a certain “Gen” Antoine Hakizimana a.ka Jeva and their overseas-based supporters, have become a laughing stock after a successful four-day visit that President Kagame held in areas they always boast to “have captured”.

Thousands of residents who turned up to welcome their President in each of the four districts toured last week, brought it out clearly that they are thankful to the head of state for providing sustainable security which enables them to do their day-to-day endeavors while contributing to the country’s development.

The ordinary citizens, given a platform to interact with the president, particularly brought to his attention issues that hinder their progress, never raised security-related issues whatsoever. This proves that FLN remnants are just noise makers whose social media campaigns should be treated with the contempt they deserve.

President Kagame on the other hand commended the citizens for their leading role in safeguarding national security and thus reminded them that security remains the country’s top priority.

“Security remains our top priority because if there is no security, nothing can be done. Insecurity is meant to prevent people from going on about their businesses and create problems among citizens,” Kagame told Rusizi residents.

The head of state also urged residents to aim higher in their respective activities as their security is always guaranteed.

Remnants of Rusesabagina’s FLN, in their Burundi-based dens, ought to know that the cost of destabilizing Rwanda’s security will always be high. They should rather surrender and get ready to join their former C-i-C Rusesabagina in prison, as their terror activities won’t ever go unpunished.

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