Incessant crocodile tears won’t address Congolese self-inflicted shambles

The regime of Tshisekedi in DRC has come up with yet another smear campaign against Rwandan authorities in international gatherings – a stratagem they opted for as a smokescreen to conceal their incompetence in dealing with the rampant insecurity that has paralyzed the Eastern Congo.

One such dramatic scenes unfolded late last week during the 11th Conference of Speakers of African national and regional parliaments held from the 1st and 2nd of September 2022 in Midrand, Johannesburg, South Africa.

One “Prof.” André Mbata, a henchman to President Tshisekedi who also doubles as the vice president of the Congolese National Assembly (the Congolese Parliament’s lower house), stormed the conference, only to peddle Congolese ridiculous delusions against Rwanda. It was the usual smear that “Rwanda is aggressing and provoking DRC”. Such rhetoric is only for the gullible and naïve.

Additionally, Mbata has chosen to ignore the real issues hindering the relations between the two countries; the alliance between the Congolese army (FARDC) and FDLR, as well as a silent genocide against Kinyarwanda-speaking Tutsi citizens of Congo.

He, however, diverted attention to Rwanda that it supports the M23 rebel group, especially in the ongoing civil war pitting the FARDC-FDLR and the former.

Contrary, Rwanda’s leadership should be applauded for maintaining a quiet, diplomatic stance amidst these ceaseless provocations, insults, and slanders from Kinshasa.

Rwanda’s stand has always been to urge the Congolese authorities to endeavor to address their failures of leadership and to address their internal socio-political conflicts that led to some Congolese nationals taking up arms to defend their rights.

The world should recall that the Congolese regime is in bed with terrorists (FDLR) – Tshisekedi should endeavor to clean up his house other than always falsely whining against Rwanda.

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