From deranged Kinshasa, only nasty insults against Rwanda!

Congolese Tshisekedi and members of his inner circle are increasingly getting caught in pants down lies while desperately attempting to drag Rwanda into their self-inflicted civil war. In so doing, they think nasty insults against Rwanda is the magic weapon that will help their failed regime.

For instance, a certain “Prof.” André Mbata, the vice president of the Congolese National Assembly (the Congolese Parliament’s lower house) who is also a henchman to Tshisekedi, took to the media early this week to boast: “We can’t have the Africa we want in 2063…without the DRC being rid of these outside stray dogs and I spoke clearly about Rwanda”

Mbata was echoing a similar incendiary pronouncement that his paying master, Tshisekedi, made a fortnight ago mumbling that Congo is a “victim of a cowardly and barbaric aggression by Rwanda”.

But the impetus behind Kinshasa’s new gambit to hurl insults at Rwanda is simple to see. The failed regime is trying to draw a veil over the rampant internal Congolese conflicts and its inability to address them as well as FARDC’s unholy alliance with FDLR- the notorious group born of ex-FAR and Interahamwe genocidaires.

However, the continued defamatory pronouncement by Kinshasa against Rwanda should not go unnoticed as far as diplomacy is concerned.

And truth remains that insults won’t help address Congolese self-inflicted mayhem, and the genuine solution is for Tshisekedi to own up to the responsibility.

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