Carine Kanimba again caught in pants-on-fire lies as her “Pegasus” smear is exposed

Social media and some international mainstream media outlets have since July 19, 2021 been flooded with articles featuring a certain Carine Kanima, an adopted daughter of convicted terrorist Paul Rusesabagina, shouting that “the Government of Rwanda was threatening her life using the surveillance of ‘Pegasus’ spyware.”

Carine Kanimba even went the extra mile to propagate her false rhetoric before the US House Intelligence Committee, European Parliament Committee, Belgian Parliament Committee, and Oslo Freedom Forum among other arenas, duping everyone there.

A year down the road, it was ascertained that this crook, Rusesabagina’s daughter, in fact was peddling a blatant lie. The alleged Pegasus spyware on her phone in fact was nothing but a false positive! This has come to public knowledge thanks to the findings of a thorough investigation by Jonathan Scott, a Texas-based researcher and computer scientist with a focus on mobile malware and spyware technology. The expert’s findings have totally debunked Kanimba (and her supporters) as frauds!

According to Scott’s revelations, Kanimba conspired with Amnesty International, one of the pseudo- rights organizations that works tirelessly to demonize Rwanda, and the Canada-based Citizen Lab that provided a “fake report” on the alleged use of Pegasus on her handset.

“The deceptive report citing “evidence” of Pegasus Spyware found on Carine’s mobile device is being used as a factual and scientific discovery. Unbeknownst to the U.S. House Intelligence Committee, the document published on is not based on factual science, and it is nothing but a ruse,” Scott said in one of his blog posts.

The mobile malware and spyware technology guru has also sent an open letter requesting the U.S senate for an inquiry into spyware infection allegations made by Kanimba, adding that the government and American taxpayer resources “were deployed to protect Kanimba based on false information she submitted from Amnesty and the Citizen Lab.”

These revelations are yet more clear indications that Kanimba’s local pseudonym of “queen of lies” is very well earned!

She’s been busy selling the hoax that her convicted terrorist father Rusesabagina was “on several occasions tortured into a coma”, but Rusesabagina himself testified he is treated very well, and has been treated very well right from the time he was arrested at the Kigali International Airport.

Someone needs to tell Kanimba that lies or any other form of propaganda won’t release a convicted terrorist, whether it is her father or not. The man will have to serve his 25-year-jail term in its entirety, as per the ruling of competent Rwanda courts.

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