The untold story of the Congolese Tutsi genocide that goes on unabated

Grief and sorrow have once again engulfed Kinyarwanda-speaking Tutsi communities across DRC and abroad, after they discovered the remains of two members of the community in a mass grave yesterday, from the Salamabila area in Maniema Province.

The victims – a certain Nkundabatware Gitongo and a one James had been abducted a fortnight ago by the provincial authorities as part of the ongoing Tutsi witch-hunting campaign, under the aegis of President Tshisekedi and his ruling political party, UDPS.

The silent genocide is, however, not documented as Kinshasa opted for an unorthodox method of muzzling the local media landscape and blackmailing members of the fourth estate whoever dares to raise awareness of the silent genocide against those that Tshisekedi and his inner circle have labeled as “enemies of DRC.”

On the contrary, Rwanda and regional countries have never ceased to urge Kinshasa to shun hate speech and ethnic stereotyping against Congolese Tutsi and Kinyarwanda-speaking communities in DRC. However, despite all efforts, this quest has always fallen on deaf ears, as the Tutsi witch-hunting campaign is increasingly getting worse as days go by.

As the U. S Secretary of State, Antony Blinken remarked, “We know that Rwandans are also alarmed justifiably by the increase in hate speech in the DRC targeting Rwandaphones.” He said while addressing a press conference in Kigali.

“The United States will continue to condemn such unacceptable and dangerous rhetoric and I encourage President Tshisekedi as government to do the same.” The top U.S diplomat added.

Well, the world must stop watching by translating words into action – the International Criminal Court (ICC) should indict Tshisekedi and his inner circle for genocide and crimes against humanity since DRC is a member of the same court.

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