Kinshasa ignores its weaknesses, resorts to premature “celebrations” against Rwanda

Notable, yet unsurprising, Tshisekedi and members of his inner circle have yet again become a subject of laughter after they took to media platforms to heavily celebrate that “Rwanda won’t take part in regional troops mandated to pacify their conflict-torn country.”

It is a childish campaign that is currently being spearheaded by the regime vuvuzela, Foreign Minister Christophe Lutundula. However, these Zairois forget that the Rwandan head of state himself averred publicly, from the very beginning, that Rwanda is perfectly okay not deploying its troops there. “That is fine (not to deploy RDF). We are not begging anyone to participate. I would, actually, be happy for the problems there to be solved without (our) involvement,” President Kagame said on July 4th, 2022 in an interview with the national broadcaster, Rwanda Broadcasting Agency.

On the other hand, it is funny how Congolese regime authorities keep on behaving like spoiled children, always starting trouble then turning aloud to loudly cry that “it is Rwanda!” They are irresponsible, instead of acting like grownups to solve their problems.

On its part, the leadership of Rwanda has maintained a quiet, diplomatic stance amidst the ceaseless provocations, insults, and slanders by the Tshisekedi regime. Kigali always urges the Congolese authorities to address their internal issues and part ways with the FDLR genocidal and terrorist group (made of genocide criminals), but such advice falls on deaf ears.

Rwanda’s diplomatic stance, however, should never be taken as a weakness.

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