Drama as Kinshasa mob takes its delusional lies against Rwanda to UNGA 77

The Congolese now have taken their drama antics to the UN – which really is not surprising at all. Thisekedi’s people have, this time around, stormed the 77th of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA 77) that is currently taking place at the UN headquarters in New York, crying about Rwanda as usual. They are shouting their usual absurd claims that “Rwanda invaded” their country, or that “Rwanda supports M23 rebel movement,” which is claptrap that, as ever, they back with no shred of evidence, nothing.

The Kinshasa delegation think they will convince the UNGA 77 into “imposing sanctions on Rwanda”, through the sheer volume of their shouting. It is truly laughable given similar previous scenes that leave them only as a butt of jokes.

Even foreigners have found them out. When US Secretary of State Antony Blinken openly called upon Tshisekedi to end the continued crimes against humanity – including genocide – which Congolese authorities are inflicting against Congolese Kinyarwanda-speaking Tutsi citizens, the Zairois had no words. They were caught out as working with genocidal FDLR, and other dangerous militias, and they are complicit in genocide.

Rwanda on its part keeps cool in the face of all Congolese regime smears. Rwanda’s stand has always been to urge the Congolese authorities to address their own problems. But Tshisekedi and his people are incorrigible. They prefer whining and wrongly accusing others instead of DRC addressing their internal conflicts or failures of government.

Meantime, you can be sure other delegation at UNGA were looking at Congolese antics, and wondering if they in fact had been invaded by Kinshasa mobs that completely lack decorum.

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