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Tshisekedi wrongly believes flawed UNGOE reports will magically cure his governance failures

As anticipated, Felix Tshisekedi could not wait to take his turn at the UN General Assembly podium to spew the Congolese line of hostile, yet baseless utterances against Rwanda.

Apparently, the entire Congolese leadership had been eagerly waiting for this moment when they believed the global platform would magically lend credibility to their false accusations against Rwanda. Among Congolese demands was that the recent UN Group of Experts Report on Congo “be distributed among members.” However, Felix Tshisekedi forgets that the same report reiterated disturbing evidence of close collaboration between the Congolese army, FARDC, and the FDLR, an internationally blacklisted anti-Rwanda terrorist group founded by the very people that perpetrated the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.

Nonetheless, the fact that Tshisekedi is fixated on the report raises a lot of suspicions, especially considering that the so-called group of experts’ integrity has been put into question.

Furthermore, it is not lost on anyone that the Tshisekedi regime started advertising the report way before it was officially published, which left no doubt about the fact that the Congolese leaders had influenced the direction of the contents of the report.

That said, before the president of the security council responds to Tshsekedi’s recommendation about “examining and distributing the report to members,” the council should first carefully examine Tshisekedi and his regime. The security council needs to look beyond their accusations against Rwanda, to realize that there is one fundamental cause of endless conflict in Congo – the absence of accountable, responsible leadership in Kinshasa.

The council will find out that the cause of all DRC conflicts is a huge vacuum in leadership, since independence!, and matters have only gotten worse with Tshisekedi. The UN Security Council will see that the existence of more than 150 armed groups operating with impunity in Congo is not just a coincidence.

What is truly required is a comprehensive report on the failures of the successive Congolese governments since independence, leading to endless crises of insecurity.

Even if the M23 rebels (who are bonafide Congolese fighting for their right to nationality) were to magically disappear from the equation, the problems of Congo would only escalate, as long as the country continues to have failed government.

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