Tshisekedi’s tricks of scapegoating and insulting Rwanda leaders won’t bear fruit

When Felix Tshisekedi took power in 2019, one of his pledges to the Congolese people, was to build a strong secure nation that will accelerate development of the war-torn country. This primarily, meant to stabilize the East part of the country mostly hit by unending civil wars, where hundreds of armed groups are wreaking havoc. Now, Tshisekedi’s failure to deliver dashed the hopes of the entire Congolese citizens.

The pre-occupation of President Tshisekedi and his regime has never been service delivery to the people. The scandal of Vidiye Tshimanga, a Senior Adviser to the President, left many in shock when the fellow was caught on tape negotiating the distribution of shares from a mineral deal, that was just an iota of the regime shenanigans that gave a whole picture of what have been preoccupying Tshisekedi and his entourage since they assumed the offices.

Now, the elections approach and time isn’t on Tshisekedi and his henchmen’s side who failed to translate their pledges into delivery for their first term in office. As they want to keep clinging to power; the new maneuver became to overplay the blame-game token that implicates Rwanda in their internal and rampant conflicts.

The gambit started with false allegations that pin Rwanda on the anti-Kinshasa mutiny group-M23. Tshisekedi and his team went places selling the “Rwanda support M23” illusion until lately at the UN General Assembly. The regime ruler tried to fool the world that “Rwanda is responsible for his failure to stabilize the Eastern Congo.” A flimsy lie, it turned to be.

This blame-games campaign of Tshisekedi has been struggling to hold water on the international arena due to lack of substance. The regime in Kinshasa didn’t stop at that, it also invested heavily in another blackmail campaign of throwing mud at the Rwandan Head of State and members of his cabinet. Rwanda was called “stray dogs” by André Mbata, the Vice President of DRC’s Parliament’s Lower House. Tshisekedi himself in his usual unsubstantiated allegations uttered that DRC is a “victim of a cowardly and barbaric aggression by Rwanda.” Still Rwanda restrained from retaliation.

It is simply pathetic how Tshisekedi regime chose to overlook the internal factors that have stalled or derailed the pacification of the Eastern DRC and opted to scapegoat Rwanda and insult her leaders, just to win the hearts of Congolese voters. He will continue to fool Congolese while portraying Rwanda as root cause of their self-inflicted predicaments.

All these stratagems of Tshisekedi and his cronies will only fool the gullible.

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