With Tshisekedi’s blame-games, DRC crisis only deepens

Democratic Republic of Congo President Felix Tshisekedi once again exposed his inability to discharge his mandate as a Head of State. At the 77th UN General Assembly, he spent most of his time whining and blaming Rwanda for his country’s woes. In his remarks he failed to mention his leadership failures hence displaying his critical deficiency of political will which is the source of perpetual instability in the Eastern Congo.

Rwanda that’s being accused of the self-inflicted pain of the DRC regime has demonstrated political will and maturity, it has been a good neighbor despite all the provocations from Congo by always graciously availing itself to participate in talks geared towards bringing peace in the region. All that Rwanda has received in return is the ill will of from Tshisekedi whose goal is to tarnish Rwanda’s image on the global arena.

It has been over 2 decades of rampant insecurity. That includes four years of Tshisekedi’s that has no done any different from his predecessors. He ignored the magnitude of the pressing issues that led to one of the longest civil war in the world’s history.

Kissing and cuddling with armed groups while telling the rest of the region and the international community a whole different story of how the groups that Tshisekedi arms don’t pose any threat to his country and neighbors, this has been his stratagem of dodging his responsibilities.

All these past years, things only get worse, the number of belligerent armed groups have been born, the DRC regime ruler for some reason insists on thinking that blame-games are the antidote to his problems. The conflict escalates every other day ushering the entire region into unavoidable turmoil.

If Tshisekedi wants to be taken seriously, it is high time he stopped whining like a child and rather pulled his stockings up by taking accountability and responsibility for the powers that were vested in him by the Congolese people. Hiding in people’s armpits has only caused him and DRC more harm than good. Asking for help while refusing to acknowledge what the source of the problem is, and doing nothing about it is denying himself help.

The Congolese leader should sit down and contemplate how his nation should be led going forward. Restoring peace and order should be his top priority not picking fights with neighboring countries. Blame-games and scapegoating must end and rather prioritize seeking support where it is necessitated.

One can be sure that Tshisekedi doesn’t wish to leave behind a legacy of a coward, irresponsible and incompetent leader.

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