Anti-Rwanda elements’ attempt to sabotage National Patriotism Day hits dead end

Rwandans across the world are celebrating patriotism day. But for the anti-Rwanda outfits, as usual this is the occasion to revive their tired old propaganda, seeking to sow divisions amongst the Rwandan people.

October, 1st marks Patriotism Day, when Rwandans reflect on the young patriots – many who sacrificed their very lives – to liberate Rwanda and build it into an all inclusive, prosperous country that we all enjoy today. Every good Rwandan celebrates the gains recorded towards national transformation – a journey that has been characterized by peace, stability, unity, and socio-economic development of the entire Rwandan society.

But the likes of FDU-Inkingi, Jambo asbl, Rwanda Bridge Builders (including the so-called opposition parties), and other genocide deniers, fugitives from genocide, and all negativists have been campaigning, to undermine this day. They will fail miserably.

FDU Inkingi issued a statement on “61 years of Kamarampaka celebrations,” which is a criminal, revisionist attempt to re-write our history. The so-called Rwanda Bridge Builders’ was “recruiting new members” to join them in “commemorating for the first time a ‘Hutu genocide’. This is another criminal attempt at re-writing our history, using the strategy of false equivalences. There never was a “Hutu genocide.” 

Also, on social media platforms, the genicidaires and their apologists went on collectively to sympathize with Felicien Kabuga – the notorious chief financier of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi, who’s is undergoing trial at The Hague. They try to sanitize this evil, with all other sort of fictitious claims – but they deceive themselves. The world knows Kabuga’s role, which is well-documented.

But the aims of the genocide revisionists’ venomous propaganda is to conceal the crimes of those they sympathize with, so as to deny the Genocide against the Tutsi, and undermine Patriots Day at the same time.

Also, their long term goal is to destabilize Rwanda.

But Rwanda has left them behind.

And their time to be held accountable for their crimes too will come.

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