Felicien Kabuga was more than a genocide financier, Prosecution

In the opening statement of the prosecution presented before a bench of four principal judges in the trial of Felicien Kabuga, the suspect did participate in the actual killings of Tutsis in Kigali unlike the common perception that he was a mere sponsor of the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi.

In his submissions, Senior Attorney Rashid S. Rashid stated that after 7th of April in 1994, Felicien Kabuga escorted Interahamwe militia to kill rounded Tutsis in different places like Kimironko, Muhima and many others. He would do so to boost morale of the perpetrators whom he would reward at the end of the day with money and drinks.

The prosecution further disclosed that when Joseph Kayijuka was arrested and killed in the neighborhoods of Kimironko, Kabuga had escorted the bunch of Interahamwe that mounted a road block in search of Tutsis and he donned the popular uniforms of the killers as a mean to boost their morale.

Since his imposed exile where he escaped justice for more than two decades, the Genocidaire Kabuga was regarded as the mere sponsor of the genocide, which for some reasons exonerated him from being charged with a specific crime of committing Genocide against innocent Tutsis, amongst others.

While beneficiaries of his bloody wealth schemes wished he was acquitted or die before conviction, which is another mean of evading justice, Kabuga is and should be treated a ruthless genocidaire who did not only finance the pogroms that befell innocent Tutsis victims but directly participated in the actual killings.

As the trial proceeds in The Hague, survivors of the genocide are biting their finger nails to see justice finally taking place, they wished the old brutal killer in Kabuga dies after paying for all his merciless, hateful genocidal crimes perpetrated against innocent Tutsis.

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