Pogroms against Congolese Tutsi citizens back in full swing, Kinshasa fully complicit

Once again the world is being treated to gruesome online images of barbaric acts by groups of Congolese men lynching individuals they accuse of bearing “Rwandophone morphology.”

This is happening in spite of both regional and international appeals to the DRC regime ruler, Tshisekedi to end barbaric ethnic violence against Tutsi, Kinyarwanda-speaking, Congolese Tutsi citizens.

At the begining of this year, the world looked on in shock as thugs in DRC, working with the tacit approval of the Tshisekedi regime, hunted down, killed, and some even ate the Tutsi victim in gruesome scenes. This went on for some time, until the United Nations and international rights groups started condemning the acts, albeit in weak voices.

Extremist anti-Tutsi Congolese elites like Denis Mukwege, using coded language, encouraged their thugs to continue hunting and killing the Tutsi Congolese, but to do so clandestinely. Public statements by senior Congolese regime officials were issued, with the aim being to divert the attention of the international community. And so, a silent genocide ensued.

Now, what has been taking place behind closed doors is again spilling back into the public domain.

Well, the United Nations and the international community should act decisively this time to stop the genocide, and start the process of holding people like Mukwege and senior  Kinshasa regime fat cats, beginning with Tshisekedi himself, accountable.

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