Former French president Hollande needs truth; Mukwege is part of the problems afflicting DRC

During his visit to eastern DR Congo, where he was the special guest of extremist anti-Rwanda, and anti-Tutsi extremist Denis Mukwege, Francois Hollande called on the East African Brigade that is in the process of deploying forces in DRC to “be offensive and attack the enemy from the start.” The basis of this loose is none other than Mukwege, a puppet of the Tshisekedi regime.

Former French president Hollande spoke after meeting Mukwege, who ironically was at the beginning opposed to the deployment of the EAC forces in DRC, because he wants the state of insecurity to persist. But this opportunist, seeing that his wishes wouldn’t come true, then invited Hollande, to muddy the waters.

Now, Hollande is propagating Mukwege’s plans that aim at frustrating any peace initiatives in eastern Congo. Perhaps the former French president is ignorant of the fact that the so-called peace laureate always advocates violence in eastern Congo, because of his extremist views against his country, DRC’s Tutsi citizens.

But Francois Hollande should know that calling on EAC forces “to hit the ground shooting,” literally like the American wild west of long ago, is not the path to peace in eastern DRC. This approach was tried before, in 2013 when the SADC-led UN intervention brigade used excessive force to fight one of the armed groups, only for the group to re-emerge this year, stronger and more determined.

Hollande should know that Mukwege has really played him, and used him to advance Mukwege (meaning Tshisekedi regime’s) evil agenda in eastern DRC.

Mukwege is part of the problem, and never the solution.

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