DRC’s failed politician- Fayulu thinks genocide ideology will earn him the presidency, he’s dead wrong

Martin Fayulu, a loser and failed politician in the Democratic Republic of Congo is on a campaign trail in what he labelled “Western Tour” in the Western countries. The objective of the tour is to promote his political agenda dominated by hatred against Kinyarwanda-Speaking Congolese also known as Banyamulenge. Fayulu also will manipulate some unacquainted white people and the anti-Rwanda Congolese elements whom they share genocide ideology.

After his fruitless trip in the United States which has yielded nothing but shame, last weekend Fayulu proceeded to Canada where he met with dozens of Canada-based Congolese genocide ideologues, on top of the agenda as usual was hurling lame accusations against the Rwandan government, insulting its Head of State by calling him “Nazis” and other names. The misguided politician had to blame the Rwandan leader for the perpetual instability in the Eastern DRC.

In a video circulating on social media, one of Fayulu’s blind followers told him that “the Rwandan regime is like Nazi and asked him to “Denazify Rwanda” but then one wonders what such ignoramus fellows base their arguments on.

However, the show did not go down well with Fayulu, one man emerged from the audience and challenged the aspiring ruler’s stance on M23 rebel movement, he steadfastly stated that “M23 is not a terrorist group because they are Congolese fighting for their rights.”. The notorious anti-Tutsi proponent, Fayulu retaliated by his same disproved narrative that “M23 was being supported by Rwanda”, something he failed to defend during his meeting. It’s important to remind Fayulu and the like-minded that Banyamulege is a tribe in the DRC as stipulated in the country’s constitution.

It is known that Fayulu and other irresponsible local politicians are the root cause of insecurity in the DRC, they have been inflaming ethnic violence that led to decades- long civil war; blaming it on Rwanda won’t bear fruit.

Chasing Banyamulenge out of their country is Fayulu’s top agenda once he ascends to power, thinking that this will earn him voters, is sheer ignorance. He should stop thinking that he will grab power by blackmailing Rwanda. If anything, he should look at former DRC leaders and pick a leaf from them. Cooperating with Rwanda is far better than scapegoating it on half-baked accusations.

Fayulu keeps crying that elections were rigged to deny him victory, but it is clear that he’s no different from others; the failed ruthless politician can’t bring peace and stability to DRC and that’s where the Congolese people’s interests lie.

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