Truth tastes so bitter for anti-Rwanda naysayers

A section of anti-Rwanda elements is currently on the back foot and cannot come to terms with the fact that the country they thought they smeared and slandered is still there, taking ever bigger steps in development.

People like Judi Rever, Sonia Rolley, Ann Garrison, Michela Wrong, and Ian Birrell, Jeffrey Smith and many others from around the globe who hide behind the identity of journalism (but who only are guns-for-hire working with an agenda to undermine the Rwandan administration) are very frustrated. Naturally.

Everything they have accused Rwanda of has been held to scrutiny, and nothing has emerged as factual truth. They are the kind of groups that did their best to slander the Rwandan leadership with claims that it “shot down Habyarimana’s plane”, a smear that has been debunked over and over again. To their shock, it is the true genocidaires that are facing justice. Kabuga who hid for years is facing trial. Just wait, Agatha Habyarimana (the true killer of her husband) will be next!

Things do not end there.

These are the people that, for example, did their best to derail CHOGM from taking place in Kigali. They failed, and Rwanda put on a very successful reception. They then started another silly campaign, that “Rwanda could not lead the Forum of Francophonie countries,” and that it could not host the African Union Summit, and that Rwanda could not gather leaders of the continent under one roof and make them commit to big projects like AFCTA, or that its Head of State could not descend to Davos and lead a section of meetings on World Economic Forums!

All this propaganda was rendered very foolish. Rwanda did every one of these things.

They then tried to sabotage Rwanda’s tourism campaigns, like “Visit Rwanda” through sports sponsorship on teams like PSG and Arsenal. Some of the most deranged naysayers, such as Michela Wrong even tried to sabotage diplomacy between Rwanda and UK, with several smears against the appointment of former Justice Minister Johnston Busingye as Rwanda’s High Commissioner to the UK.

Busingye was duly accredited however, and Wrong slunk off, to find another smear.

No amount of such false negative and hostile campaign shall prosper.

Rwanda is here, to stay.

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