DRC embarks on laughable “diplomatic campaigns” to blame Rwanda for own mess

Millions of US dollars have been unlocked from the Democratic Republic of Congo-DRC’s national coffers to allow politicians move across the world in puerile lobbying campaigns mudslinging and accusing Rwanda for Congo’s self-inflicted problems.

Chérubin Okende, DRC’s Minister for Transport was in Montreal/Canada yesterday, attending an Aviation Summit where he strayed from the agenda and started attacking Rwanda in his speech. It did not take him long, before panelists brought him to order and instructed him to focus on substantial issues.

Okende’s ridiculous speech in Montreal, followed that of Mbosso N’Kodia, the speaker of DRC National Assembly, who, in previous plenary, requested government to disburse a huge sum of cash to send fellow legislators across the world to disseminate President Tshisekedi’s insidious speech at the UN which blamed Rwanda for troubles in DRC.

While at the UN recently, Tshisekedi, together with his delegation, sought the support of members of the Security Council to lift arms-embargo imposed to his country since 2003, the request which was immediately rejected for being non timely and impossible.

In July 2003 Security Council Resolution 1493 was adopted in reaction to continued violence and insecurity in both North and South Kivu on top of illegal exploitation of natural resources. The Resolution demanded that DRC ensures no direct or indirect assistance, especially military or financial assistance, is given to the movements and illegal armed groups present like it has been the case between FARDC and groups like the blacklisted genocidal, terror outfit- FDLR, Mai Mai, Red Tabara, etc.

According to “Nairobi Peace Process” which was signed by DRC on June, 2022, the country should take the lead to ensure peace and stability by disarming numerous armed groups operating on own territories but most importantly part ways with a genocidal force in FDLR which has been wrecking havocs in Kivu and attempting to destabilize Rwanda.

Despite constant beating of war drums against Rwanda, accusing it of arming a Congolese rebel group called M23, unfortunately, DRC will have to check itself again in the mirror and address own mess before embarking on fruitless diplomatic campaigns to scapegoat Rwanda. The rest is a waste of time and resources.

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