Ingabire Victoire uses foreign media platforms, to propagate her divisive views

Convicted genocide denier Ingabire Victoire Umuhoza continues with her overzealous commitment to mislead the public with her blatant lies and divisive rhetoric, mudslinging the Rwandan Government, while leveraging the platform offered by foreign media such as Al-Jazzera and CNN, to relay her divisive agenda.

Following IVU’s latest falsehoods, in the form of an opinion piece published in CNN, her audience and the media outlets she uses need to know that these are the kind of views that only propagate hate and divisiveness.

Also, it should always be remembered that Victoire Ingabire is a lawbreaker who was serving a prison sentence (for genocide denialism and other grave crimes), who was freed following a presidential pardon. She denies having been pardoned of course, but everything she does only shows her commitment to breaking the law.

Whatever channels Ingabire uses to rebrand herself into an “opposition politician”, she ends up exposing herself, and the poisonous ideas she stands for. IVU remains an unrepentant ideologue of hate whose sole mission is to witness Rwanda going back to the darkest days of its history. Little does she know Rwandans won’t ever allow that again.

Ingabire deserves to be taken back where she belongs, to complete her jail sentence!

Her efforts to contaminate Rwandan society with genocide ideology again should never be allowed to take root.

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