Rwanda reaffirms commitment to Luanda Peace Roadmap, with Congolese regime only shouting diversions

Rwanda has reiterated commitment to the Luanda roadmap and its implementation as elaborated in the DR Congo-Rwanda Joint Permanent Commission for implementation of the peace roadmap.

Rwanda’s Ambassador to the UN, Clever Gatete, has told the United Nations Security Council session on the situation concerning the Democratic Republic of Congo, that Rwanda had taken note of the Secretary General’s report – particularly the comprehensive coverage of the effects caused by domestic and foreign armed groups in the Eastern DRC. Ambassador Gatete assured the council of Rwanda’s unwavering commitment to support all efforts towards peace in the region. 

Rwanda’s assurances come against ongoing smear campaigns by the DRC regime, which has nothing to offer but shout accusations against Rwanda that they just make up every other day. The only thing Tshisekedi apparently cares for is slander Rwanda to divert the attention of the Congolese from his weak leadership and utter failure to govern. Tshisekedi knows the Congolese public is very frustrated with his incompetence, and his corrupt ways and those of his regime, and he faces real problems in the coming presidential vote. Shouting about Rwanda is his only card.

The East Africa Community Regional Force is being deployed to implement the two tracks of the Nairobi Process, which aim to provide solid ground for ending the presence of foreign and domestic illegal armed groups in the Eastern part of the DR Congo. This is something everyone else is working to implement, except the Tshisekedi regime! Also, by avoiding to accept that the root causes of insecurity in the Eastern Congo are fundamentally the absence of leadership, Tshisekedi and his cronies are standing in the way of every good faith effort at solving the issue.

Among these root causes of perpetual insecurity in DRC are the continued existence and workings there of the genocidal, terrorist group-FDLR – founded by those that perpetrated the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi. This group actually works with Tshisekedi’s army. FDLR not only is hell bent on anti-Rwanda terrorism, but it works with the Congolese military FARDC, in an ongoing genocide against Tutsi citizens of DRC.

No wonder Tshisekedi has no interest in solving his country’s problems.

He is the biggest one!

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