Rwanda’s refugee policy proven to be most effective; detractors won’t change that fact

The Rwandan government has been lauded by United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees-UNHCR and other various actors for its effective refugee policy. The country hosts over 127,269 refugees including the 1,000 asylum seekers majority of whom have already settled in different European countries.

The country has been registering influxes of refugees from Libya; also from other countries include Afghanistan whose only girls boarding school known as School of Leadership, Afghanistan-SOLA relocated to Rwanda.

The detractors have been promoting a blackmail campaign aims at portraying Rwanda as “unsafe” country not suitable to receive asylum seekers. Nonetheless, facts on the ground challenge their narratives.

If the current Rwanda-United Kingdom Migration Partnership Deal succeeds, Rwanda will be hosting asylum seekers from UK as both countries move to address the global migration crisis and breaking the channels of human trafficking. Those who are against the deal have no alternative to addressing the illegal trade of people but they chide Rwanda and UK leaders to sabotage the deal so that the human trafficking cartels retain their lucrative venture of ferrying and trading people.

For Rwanda receiving asylum seekers won’t be the first time, it has welcomed over 1000 asylum seekers who arrived on 8 evacuations from different countries like Libya, Eritrea, Iran, Syria, and many others. At least 67% of them have been resettled to third countries.

Rwanda’s immigration system mission remains the same of ” saving lives, protecting the genuinely vulnerable and giving them chances to thrive. Many of Refugees hosted in Rwanda have experienced a new lease of life and given chances of building their lives same as Rwandans.

“Out of all the countries we have been, we have a better life here in Rwanda” said a Yemen migrate. Such testimonies are ignored by funded international media and individuals like Jeffrey Smith and NGOs which purportedly advocate for refugees’ rights.

There is no doubt that Rwanda is a safe country and willing to host asylum seekers from different countries, regardless of funded noisemakers and “rights” groups’ continued campaign to sabotage the Rwanda-UK migration deal. They can only waste their time in arguments which are devoid of facts about Rwanda.

As Rwanda’s High Commissioner to UK- Johnston Busingye once said, “Stereotypes and lies won’t alter this fact. There is nothing new or strange in respect to those coming under the UK/RW partnership.”

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