RNC mouthpiece Himbara fires blanks in attempt to sabotage blossoming Rwanda-Zimbabwe relations

Rwanda National Congress-RNC terror group’s vuvuzela, David Murunganwa alias Himbara, has yet again exhibited his high-level of illiteracy in politics and inter-state matters. The Canada-based, self-proclaimed “economist” posted hogwash on his social media platforms in futile attempts to sabotage flourishing relations between Rwanda and Zimbabwe.

Recently, President Kagame helped his Zimbabwean counterpart Emmerson Mnangagwa mobilize US$ 800 million for funding rural electrification projects in Zimbabwe.

Mnanganwa expressed gratitude to his Rwandan counterpart for his Panafricanist spirit, and unwavering support to Zimbabwe. Himbara and his RNC masters can’t handle it! So, Himbara concocts his usual fictions, to undermine everything Rwanda does.

The well-known drug-sniffer Himbara trots out one of his tropes, the fact that Rwanda hired primary school teachers from Zimbabwe, to show supposed “Rwandan weakness.” Murunganwa really needs help! The propagandist omits the fact that those teachers were required to supplement the current number of educationists in Rwanda’s primary education sector, after the country switched to a bilingual system (adding English to French). Even as Rwanda hires teachers from Zimbabawe, that doesn’t stop President Mnangagwa from borrowing a leaf from Rwanda, a country that has defied all odds to develop its governance system and economy after having lost everything to the genocidal regime.

The RNC stooge compares Rwanda’s economic stature to Zimbabwe, in which his draws his misinformed conclusion that the latter can’t learn from the former.

To propagate this lie, Himbara ignores that Zimbabwe’s geographical area is bigger than Rwanda’s, and populationwise, it’s only logical Zimbabwe has more people. In any case, Rwanda isn’t competing with Zimbabwe to see who has the bigger economy! To bring that up is anti-African obscurantism.

Himbara and his RNC paymasters are only muddying the waters, trying to foster bad relations.

They are proven failures, who will fail again.

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