Rwanda wants end of security threat emanating from DRC, what does Congolese regime want?

Juvenal Munubo Mubi, a loud mouth Congolese Member of Parliament is up in arms against anyone who backs the opinion that dialogue is the best avenue for peace in Congo.

This fellow has told members of the press that the solution to peace in DRC is “ for Rwanda to say before witnesses what it really wants from the DRC.” Unless Munubo has been living on another planet, he should be asking Tshisekedi, his fellow Zairois, what they want in their constant, childish whining, always spinning every self-inflicted problem as “Rwanda’s fault!”

The question is, what in fact does the Congolese regime want? They have failed to back regional peace efforts, while they also work with terrorist groups, such as FDLR. They work with this group to perpetrate genocide against Congolese Tutsi citizens. The Tshisekedi regime has failed in all aspects of governing, and resort to crimes against humanity, while shouting childish anti Rwanda propaganda all the time.

Well, here is what Rwanda wants from Congo:

Stop supporting FDLR, the genocidaires who are finding comfort in DRC as they prepare to return and finish the genocide against Tutsi they left unfinished. Stop persecuting Congolese on the criminal pretext that they are “Rwandans” and therefore deserve to die!” Thousands of these Congolese are still living as refugees in Rwanda after fleeing persecution by their regime. This is a massive abdication of responsibility by the Kinshasa regime.

When the M23 were bombarded out of Congo by the United Nations and Southern African Development Community-SADC brigade after they accepted to cede Goma, Rwanda accepted to receive their political leaders as part of a regional and international arrangement to find a peaceful solution to the conflict. Why has Kinshasa failed to do proper follow up, to take back its citizens?

Many agreements were signed by DRC, and the armed groups including the M23 rebel movement – who are proper Congolese that should have all rights of other Congolese. But a decade down the road, the refugees are still living in Rwanda, and the M23 has not been integrated into the political system as agreed. According to Munubo, whose fault is that?

FDLR is more active than ever, and are working in close collaboration with the Congolese army, FARDC. They are emboldened to fire rockets into Rwanda, and have injured Rwandan nationals and destroyed property.

What Rwandans wants is peace, and freedom from these provocations. Congolese leaders must accept the Luanda Peace Roadmap and the Nairobi Peace process, which are supported by the African Union-AU, International Conference on the Great Lakes Region- ICGLR and the UN Security Council.

Rwanda has already accepted to be involved in the peace talks.

But if the only thing Congolese can do is shout and make belligerent noises, that’s their choice.

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