Shock as DRC Ambassador at UN accuses Rwanda of “stealing Congolese Gorillas and Chimpanzees”, during Ukraine-Russia exclusive session

The Democratic Republic of Congo has completely sealed its reputation as the world’s laughingstock. Yesterday at UN headquarters in New York, Ambassador Georges Nzongola-Ntalaja of DRC caused quite a scene during the Continuation of the 11th Emergency Special Session of the UN General Assembly on the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Ntalaja a completely uncouth Zairois, decided that was the occasion to throw tantrums, shouting that “Rwanda is stealing gorillas and chimpanzees that belong to DRC!” Remember, this was during a session exclusively to discuss, and vote on the issue of Ukraine.

What an embarrassment the Congolese regime of Tshisekedi is to Africa! Really, what did Africa do to deserve a regime like that!

Before the shock in the hall could wear off, the so-called Congolese ambassador referred the delegates to “a certain UN report” (purportedly to “prove” his wild accusations) but suddenly his mind went blank and he couldn’t mention the name of the purported UN report he was referring to!

In his unhinged outburst, Nzongola accused the west of “double standards,” because, in the reasoning of Tshisekedi and his people, the session should have been exclusively about his madman allegations about wild animals supposed stolen by Rwanda!

The question is, who will cure Tshisekedi and members of his regime of their anti-Rwanda derangement syndrome?

Rwanda has reiterated its commitment to participate in any processes to bring peace and stability to DRC.

But the world must first help cure the madness there.

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