Unrepentant genocide denier IVU’s hypocrisy exposed, as she welcomes son to the country she blackmails

The self-proclaimed “opposition politician” yet a convicted criminal Ingabire Victoire Umuhoza (IVU) is always using heated rhetoric, mostly in the international media, to portray Rwanda as an “unsafe country.” Her propaganda is that “there is no freedom” in Rwanda for “politicians like herself.”

In opinion pieces published in CNN, The Guardian, The New York Times, Aljazeera, under her name, Ivu likes to tell stories that “Rwanda persecutes her and members of her “political party” (though nothing like a political party of Ingabire is registered in Rwanda).

But then Ingabire has unknowingly exposed herself, and her lies, when she welcomes her children to Rwanda. In Kinyarwanda (a language that won’t be understood by CNN and the like) Ingabire praises the Rwandan government for safety and stability. She has always known this is true, she is just a rank hypocrite.

In August 2020, Ingabire’s daughter-Raissa Ujeneza and her two grandchildren visited Rwanda. Ingabire’s visitors toured the country and were astonished by the development that the country has undergone as heard from their statements recorded with various media houses.

The convicted genocide denier, Ingabire’s argument of alleged “persecution and rights abuses” loses meaning when she persuades her family members and friends to visit Rwanda. An alleged “victim” freely drives to the Airport to pick her people up and tour places without fear on her life and safety of her children.

Ingabire’s claims are insubstantial owing to the fact that no person (without a criminal record) has been mistreated or prosecuted by judicial institutions. Ingabire would never tell her mother, a convicted genocide perpetrator to visit Rwanda, just because she knows her ruthless killer mother murdered Tutsis thus has criminal charges to answer.

Rwandan judiciary doesn’t pick and choose which family members to prosecute as it was the case during the genocidal regime when Tutsis were targets of the murderous regime. Prosecution is done on the basis of evidence.

Ingabire’s positive comments on Rwanda’s safety and stability are self-evident truth. And whatever lies she speaks, that too is because she is free, despite the negativist comments she peddles every other day.

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