Don’t be fooled, IVU has always been a hypocrite, with malicious schemes against Rwanda

To indifferent foreigners, Ingabire Victoire Umuhoza (IVU) is a “legitimate political activist”, because that is how she portrays herself, as part of her malicious calculative schemes. When Ingabire arrived in Rwanda in January 2010, she had one mission, which was to disrupt the forward looking agenda – one underpinned by unity and reconciliation – of the Rwanda leadership.

But when IVU came to Rwanda, she hit the ground running, as they say, heading to the Kigali Genocide Memorial where she made very inflammatory statements – pushing the lie of “double genocide.” It was clear she had an agenda to negate, or deny the 1994 Genocide Against the Tutsi.

IVU with joseph ntawangundi

As if to leave no doubt about her malevolent intentions, Ingabire had chosen none other than one Joseph Ntawangundi, with whom she travelled all the way from the Netherlands to come and “vie for presidency in Rwanda.”

As Rwandans were later shocked to learn, Ntawangundi, a former Principal of EAVE-GITWE (an agro-veterinary college) was a notorious genocide suspect who had been on the run, hiding in Europe. He was later arrested upon a tip off from a resident of Gitwe, who recognized him following a fracas that he and Ingabire were involved in at Kinyinya Sector. Ntawangundi would later plead guilty to Genocide-related charges, before the Gacaca court of Gitwe, which sentenced him to 17 years for his crimes. IVU was to follow suit, after court convicted her of genocide denialism, and conspiring to harm the country through war and terror, and sent to prison.

Ingabire at airport 2010

Ingabire is not ignorant of the fact that Rwandans have for the last more than two decades worked hard, and worked together to transform their country for the better. This fact pains her to the core. Like her fellow extremist “Hutu Power” ideologues, she would be happy to see Rwandan fail, and go back to being the kind of miserable place it was.

Contrary to what IVU tells the world through the media, Rwanda not only has made incredible steps transforming its socioeconomic situation, it also is one of the safest countries in the world.

That is why she finds no problem inviting her own children, who live in Europe, to come for stayovers.

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