DRC election period is here again; get ready for all the scapegoating of Rwanda!

It has become the normal political culture in DRC for clownish politicians to try to outdo each other on who raises the most outrageous claims against Rwanda, when there are elections in that country. The so-called politicians are individuals that have completely failed at governing, only succeeding (very well!) at corruption.

Now, they are presently in the election period, and they seem to have rehearsed to take their outrageous anti-Rwanda political rhetoric a notch higher. Just recently, at a UN debate session on the invasion of Ukraine, the Congolese UN Ambassador made world leaders choke with laughter when, instead of stating the stand of his country on the issue at hand, which was the Russia-Ukraine conflict, he threw juvenile tantrums. He was making outrageous claims that “Rwanda has stolen Gorillas and Chimpanzees” from Congo.

One would imagine even the said primates laughed at the claim, since it is public knowledge that even the few that were on the Congolese side of the Virunga Forest have since crossed over to Rwanda because Congolese have failed to protect the endangered primates, leaving them at the mercy of poaching by Congolese (who eat them) and by armed, terrorist groups that work with the Tshisekedi regime, such as FDLR.

What Tshisekedi and members of his regime have been doing the entire time of their mandates is helping themselves to whatever public resource they can lay their hands on. They have robbed the Congolese people blind. The common Congolese continue to suffer without basic services like water, healthcare, infrastructure, education, etc. Which is why, when Tshisekedi is asked for accountability, he (and his cabal) begin yelling “Rwanda!” They do so to deflect attention from their massive abuses of office.

When they fail to explain to the Congolese people how Rwandan leaders have managed to transform the lives of Rwandans to the extent that the Congolese cross over to Rwanda accesses basic services like healthcare, water, food, etc, they resort to the usual anti-Rwanda smears: “Rwanda stole our things!” “Rwanda stole our monkeys!” If ridicule could kill…

The question remains: how long will this pretense go on? It is incumbent upon the Congolese people to open their eyes, and impose accountability where they should: their own rulers.

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