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FRACAS as DRC regime ruler President appoints a deceased general to head military operations

When people say that the Democratic Republic of Congo is a failed state, Pro- Tshisekedi regime elements squeal all over the place. However, you can always count on them to offer proof of this. Now Tshisekedi has appointed a long-deceased “General” to head military operations in the Equateur Province – one Major General Floribert Kisembo Bahemuka. The man was assassinated on April 30, 2011 in Lonyo (Djugu, Ituri). But 11 years after his death, his name has featured in a presidential order read on the DRC State Television, “to take up new responsibilities. If ridicule could kill…

What other proof is needed that Tshisekedi’s DRC is a failed state, with completely failed rulers?

This “appointment” gives people all reasons to never take at face value whatever Tshisekedi and his henchmen utter when it comes to accusing others of “invasion and destabilization”. The army-FARDC is a dysfunctional institution that failed to protect the Congolese people; rather chose to collaborate with anti-Rwanda blacklisted genocidal, terror group-FDLR whose members are responsible for the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi.

The Congolese military is still working hand in hand with more than 130 armed groups including the genocidal terrorist group FDLR whose objective is to subvert Rwanda.

Evidence is piling up of Tshisekedi’s leadership failures. The regime ruler failed to deliver on his promises to the Congolese people which included pacifying the country by ridding it of armed terror groups that have wreaked terror on them for decades.

As all that fracas take place, Tshisekedi flew to London for the Financial Times Africa Summit, where he uttered his usual childish accusations against Rwanda, which other governments and agencies have poured cold water on.

Tshisekedi better realize he is exposed, big time!

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