Tshisekedi makes an embarrassment of himself in London, in scandal-ridden trip

Congolese ruler Felix Tshisekedi went to London believing that by the time he bid farewell to return, no one would want anything to do with Rwanda ever again. This is how pathetic this man is. However, being who he is, he instead triggered the opposite outcome of what he had hoped for.

Tshisekedi’s trip started on the wrong note right from Kinshasa, after the British Embassy almost refused to issue his unnecessarily huge delegation with official UK visas. The Embassy did not see anything to warrant that number of visas (to accompany someone who no doubt only was going to whine, about Rwanda!)

Next, Tshisekedi’s official plane arrived in London way beyond the scheduled time, and so it had to land at a different airport because Tshisekedi had violated official international aviation protocol on reception of heads of state.

Then after whining to an uninterested audience to whom he was trying to sell the tired claims about DRC problems having an external origin, he managed to take advantage of the British goodwill and royal courtesy to secure a meeting at Buckingham Palace. There, he ignorantly believed he could use tears to influence King Charles III “to expel Rwanda from the Commonwealth.” Tshisekedi’s ignorance and that of his cronies could not have allowed him to realize that the British Monarch doesn’t deal with administrative issues of the UK.

But the real scandal happened when the clueless Zairois was disgracefully departing the UK (after wasting millions in poor Congolese tax payer’s money) on his touristic trip. The despot caused quite a diplomatic incident after he refused to depart from the same airport he arrived from, as protocol would require, and instead insisted he would depart from Heathrow airport.

Once again, out of diplomatic courtesy, his wish was grudgingly granted by aviation officials. However, a couple of his unruly bodyguards attempted to force their way through security gates behind their ruler, declining to be subjected to security checks. When the UK airport insisted, the goons were found to be carrying undeclared arms. A fracas brought the airport to a standstill as Tshisekedi’s goons resisted arrest. All this time, Tshisekedi was stuck in a car that would have taken him to his official plane, waiting for his bodyguards who had been arrested as members of his delegation caused a scene, trying to accuse airport officials of “being pro-Rwanda!”

Several hours later, Tshisekedi had to leave with half his bodyguards since those arrested had to face the law. Tshisekedi arrived back in Kinshasa, an utter clown! He and his cronies have been touring the world wasting state resources under the cover of what they called “a diplomatic offensive against Rwanda.”

Well, there is a silver lining to their buffoonery: the world can always have a good laugh at their expense.

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