Tshisekedi twiddles his thumbs, in total disregard to recommendations of regional peace frameworks

DR Congo ruler Felix Tshisekedi has publicly declared his intentions to contemptuously undermine and disregard his regional counterparts’ efforts and bold steps taken towards the pacification of the conflict-torn Easter DRC.

In spite of the recommendations drawn from the East African Community, Heads of State conclave and the Luanda Tripartite Summit that strongly called for cease of hostility and halt of DRC army-FARDC’s collaboration with anti-Rwanda genocidal and terror group-FDLR; DRC authorities chose a different path to the peace roadmap as recommended by regional leaders.

As we speak today, in another twist, FARDC closed ranks with the blacklisted genocidal group-FDLR (whose members committed genocide against Tutsi in Rwanda) and Mai-Mai to launch new large-scale offensive against M23 rebel movement in the Eastern part of the DRC. One must agree that what Tshisekedi and his henchmen are doing is in sharp contrast with the provisions of the regional peace processes.

The region established a neutral force-EAC Standby Force, made of EAC member states (Rwanda excluded as per DRC’s request) to help in the implementation of the signed peace pacts which also included creating a buffer zone that would separate warring parties and ensure hostile activities are ceased. However DRC authorities are not interested in peace, they chose war and chaos.

More so, on the issue of M23, the peace roadmap stipulates that Tshisekedi and his regime should dialogue with the rebel group to reach a consensus that would see M23 politicians and soldiers integrated in the country’s governance system and the army respectively. Nonetheless, that fell on Tshisekedi’s deaf ears, he vowed not to take part in any dialogue with M23 (which to date still occupies a major city-Bunagana).

Thinking that he’s playing his cards well and knowing that he isn’t interested in making peace with neighbors, Tshisekedi and his henchmen embarked on futile journey to pillory Rwandan Head of State and his government by branding them “aggressors” and blaming them for his leadership failures to fix his country’s unending mess.

Wherever Tshisekedi runs to, the international platforms he misuses to blackmail the Rwandan government; that won’t address perpetual insecurity and dysfunctional institutions in the DRC; that’s a painful truth. Congolese should put him to task to discharge his duties and deliver peace as pledged on his campaign trails.

Tshisekedi’s playing the “victim” card won’t hold. Even regional leaders have come to realize that he’s a rude, complicated fellow who shuns cooperation.

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